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- Barbering and Cosmetology Practictioner, June 2006

- Licensed Massage Therapist, April 2012

- Certified Medical Massage Practictioner, March 2013

- Certified Swedish Stone Massage, May 2013

- Rainessence Aroma Therapy, February 2014

- Certified Lash Stylish (Xtreme Lashes), July 2015

- Reflexology, October 2016
- Aroma Therapist, in process

- Oil Specialist, in process

"For me, being a cosmetologist and massage therpist is my calling. I am passionate about what I do."

My Personal Story

I wanted to do hair since I was eight years old after going with my mom (Nicki) to have her hair done. I taught myself how to braid hair with the little hair that I did have! It took less than a few hours to teach myself! And from then I was hooked. I went to school in Madison in 2004 and started my first job in Janesville for a small shop that is no longer around.


In 2009, I was working two days a week as a cosmetologist, being single mother and it wasn't paying the bills. I overheard my employer talking about getting another massage person, so I talked to them and decided to start massage school. Most nights I didn't get home until midnight and was back to work by 8 am.


I started in 2013 very part time while working another job. Went school in 2015 for acupuncture but didn't finish because of some family health issues that needed my time and attention. My first office was in Edgerton, which I had for four years. I moved my office to Janesville in May 2017 to allow for a better client experience.


Why “Molly’s” Massage & More?

My dad gives everyone a nickname and mine is Molly Muffin! When they terminated my biological parents’ rights, I wanted to change my first name to Molly when I changed my last name (2000), but I wasn’t able to. Naming my business “Molly’s” Massage & More keeps my memories alive.

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